Geometric Ethnic Pattern Multi Color Georgette Saree

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**Details of the Product:**

– Composed of 60% Georgette material
– Adorned with exquisite beadwork
– Comes with a complementary unstitched blouse in a matching design

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This Georgette fabric is meticulously embellished with handcrafted gold or silver bugle beads and intricate mothi work. It exemplifies the profound influence of Indian ethnic culture and tradition in artisanal craftsmanship, offering an opportunity for the wearer to exude elegance on the fashion stage.

Product Details:

– Material Composition: 60% Georgette
– Adorned with artisanally created silver or gold beads and mothi embroidery
– Includes an accompanying unstitched blouse in a matching design

Our products are authentically handwoven, showcasing inherent variations in weave, motifs, texture, and color that contribute to their distinct and individualized character. It is important to note that the colors as represented in the images may exhibit disparities from the actual product due to variances in computer screen resolutions and displays.

Can Georgette Fabric Be Washed?

Consistently, hand washing is the recommended method for all types of Georgette fabric. Alternatively, dry cleaning is an option, but it is imperative to abstain from using a domestic washing machine for Georgette garments. When hand washing Georgette apparel, it is advised to employ a mild detergent and cold water.





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